Coldplay x The Kids Network

We are extremely excited to announce that Coldplay, one of the world’s most successful rock bands, is joining forces with The Kids Network in 2020.

Coldplay’s gift will allow us to expand our programme into Southwark and Lambeth boroughs of London to provide over 150 children aged 8-11 with one to one support of a mentor.

With Will, Jonny, Guy, Chris and Phil’s help, we will mobilise 150 young professionals to connect, commit and care about their local communities and facilitate new conversations through meaningful mentoring relationships.

Children facing hardship will be supported in their emotional development and get to experience new opportunities in their communities and across London.
This programme will provide over 15,000 hours of one to one support that these children would not have access to otherwise.

Children will take part in various activities with their mentor including park trips, sports, creative and musical exploration and discovering new cultures and cuisines.

The Kids Network Founder, Sarah Woodcock said,

‘With Coldplay’s support, we are able to expand our programme into South London, reaching those children most in need within two inner city boroughs, providing support to 150 by the end of 2022. We are truly honoured to have such a successful and influential band get behind our very important work. We certainly have a Head Full of Dreams for the years ahead.”

As a long-time activist on issues affecting children and communities, Founder, Sarah Woodcock had a vision about how to go about bringing together a new generation of young professionals and children in need.

“London’s transient nature and gentrification means that we have young, compassionate professionals living side by side with some of London’s most vulnerable children. The Kids Network connects these two groups for positive social change,” said Sarah.

A huge thank you to Coldplay for supporting our South London project and helping us take another big step towards creating new meaningful community connections through mentoring, ensuring all young people can thrive.

We will be delivering regular updates about this exciting programme so stay tuned.

The Kids Network is looking for young, diverse role model to become mentors. If you would like to get involved please contact

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