Brighten Up Your Beautiful British Summer

Summer is upon us, however, if you too live in London, you will know that it is not always sunshine and blue skies! Therefore, heres our 5 favourite things to do, on a budget, in London with your mentee, friends and family, spouse or simply by yourself, because when life throws you lemons in the form of a 24 hour storm, make lemonade!

1. Visit an art gallery or Museum! Our personal favourite Museums are the Horniman in south east of london and the national history museum which are both free and child friendly! In regards to galleries, tate britain and modern are also both free of charge and within walking distance of each other. Both exhibit completely different kinds of unique artwork so you are sure to find something you love and can spend hours walking around, admiring and becoming inspired!

2. Pottery cafes – spotted around london are little cafes where you can enjoy cake and a coffee while painting a ceramic object of your choice. Choose between, plates, mugs, bowls or ornaments of cats and elephants and many more. Spend your gloomy day being cosy and creative.

3. Garden centres. Visit your nearest garden centre, preferably one with a cafe so you can make a day of it and sit for a cup of coffee or spot of lunch. Brighten a dull and rainy afternoon with vibrant and beautiful plants, look around and take time to explore all the unique and wonderful things nature has to offer! Leave with a smile on your face and possibly a cactus or two in your bag…

4. Visit a sheltered market, don’t let the rain stop you from doing your favourite outdoor activities! There are markets all over London that are designed for unpredictable weather, one example being greenwich market which as well as serving delicious food from different parts of the world also has little stools selling handmade jewelry, crystals, bags, trinkets etc.

5. Trampolining. This one is for those active ladies and gents out there who simply can’t sit still even on a day when it’s pouring with rain. Jump, flip and possibly stumble around till your heart’s content

Never let the weather stop you from enjoying your summer and experiencing life to the fullest!


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