Alex Takes On 12 Challenges For The Kids Network

Alex running for the Kids Network!

Driven to help his local community, Alex first heard of The Kids Network through one of our volunteer mentors, Frank.

Frank, who has been mentoring for over 5 months, took to LinkedIn to share his experience which inspired Alex to get involved himself and fundraise for The Kids Network.

“I don’t know why but I’ve always felt that charity starts at home and TKN specifically helps kids from the areas I spend every day living and working in. The thought of being able to help children in my local community really motivated me to take on a challenge to make positive change.”

Alex’s first step was to learn more about The Kids Network and how important mentoring can be for both the child but volunteer too.

The volunteering commitment wasn’t workable with Alex’s schedule, but he was determined to find other ways to help. Now, Alex has agreed to take on a mammoth 12 events this year including multiple half marathons, abseils and mountain climbs.

“Running has never been something I’ve particularly enjoyed but thanks to the wonders of technology podcasts are making them a lot more enjoyable. In terms of challenges, I think the 3 peaks challenge in 24 hours will be a tough one. Carrying my weight up 3 very large hills won’t be easy!”

Alex hopes to surpass his target of £3,000 and is really looking forward to the 12 events this year- especially the most physically demanding.

The White Collar Boxing match and the Tough Mudder course are among his favourite, both of which demand lots of preparation and training.

He’s even managed to get some of his colleagues at Rubix Recruitment involved and some of them will be joining him on the 3 Peaks Challenge.

Alex jokes, “Though out of the entire experience I’m most looking forward to the ripped six pack I should have at the end”.

We couldn’t resist asking Alex who is role model is, here’s what he had to say:

“My role model is actually a very good friend of mine, Dom. He puts his mind to something and he achieves it. Nothing is out of reach for him and he surrounds himself with amazing people. He’s always been my sounding board for advice (even if I don’t tend to listen to it). “

Every penny Alex raises will help The Kids Network connect more little Londoners with a yearlong mentor. Thank you Alex for your support, you’re amazing!

If you’re feeling inspired by Alex, why not check out all of the ways you can get involved?

  1. Take on a challenge
  2. Host an event
  3. Become a monthly giver

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