Volunteer to 100: New Netflix docuseries shows how volunteering can help us live longer and happier lives

The Kids Network Provides Mentoring Opportunities in London

Do you want to live to 100? Then volunteering could be the key…

The new Netflix show “Live to 100: Secretes of Blue Zones” takes us on a journey through regions around the world, known as blue zones, where people are living much longer and more vibrant lives than the rest of the world.

The programme gives us useful tips about how to live healthier lives, and some of these things you might expect, eating well, getting exercise, reducing stress but a surprising contributor to a longer life is volunteering!

The host of the show Dan Buettner explains how volunteering can improve your health and boost your lifespan “People who volunteering have better memories, better social connections. They even report higher levels of happiness.”

“It always involves some form of physical activity, involves some sense of meaning because you’re focusing on somebody else other than just yourself”

Emma one of our TKN mentors shared how volunteering has improved her mental health “I’ve found that I just work, I go home and I sleep and on the weekends I’m too tired to do anything. But this has actually got me out of the house, and doing things. I’d never just hang out in a park but now I do that weekly. It’s been really nice to have that structure and give someone else that structure as well”

Being a mentor with The Kids Network encourages our volunteers to try new things, take time out of their week to have fun and give the gift of time and fun to a Little Londoner. All these things are proven to improve our health and wellbeing, and now thanks to Netflix we know that it also can contribute to a longer and happier life.

Marjike Sawyer, a septuagenarian in one of the blue zones explained how she feels about volunteering in her older years “It creates sheer joy. Do we want to be dormant or lead a productive life, to serve humanity in all aspects? There is so much to give”

The infographic below shows some of the ways we believe volunteering helps our health and wellbeing. If you want to start on your journey of volunteering till 100 then become a mentor today.

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