TKN is life changing

The Kids Network Provides Mentoring Opportunities in London

I’m Naa and I have been a trustee of the Kids Network for two years. I got involved with TKN as a mentor in 2017. I mentored a wonderful young girl for 18 months and wanted to get more involved with the charity as a trustee.

I have learnt so much from being a trustee of TKN. The impact we make at TKN is life changing for our mentees and mentors. The ability to remain resilient and agile as a small charity is so key as we face new challenges every day. Challenges from fundraising, so we can fulfil our visions to Covid, and how we move to a virtual mentoring model so we can continue to support our children. Resilience is a skill the charity embodies but is also carried through our mentees and mentors.

I love being a trustee, it has developed me in many ways, not only do I feel I am a part of a bigger purpose, I have developed skills such as strategy development, understanding financial reporting, but also fun things such as running a 5k inflatable course!

TKN means a lot to me as it has given me a purpose and passions for the last 4 years. I love welcoming new mentors into the organisation and feel privileged that I get to see this wonderful charity flourish over the years. You can often find me banging on to friends about becoming a mentor and I am very passionate about encouraging young people (for a trustee that’s anyone under 50!) to become trustees.

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