Meet our Mentors: Lorraine

We got up close and personal with Lorraine, one of our mentors just starting out with The Kids Network. Read on to find out about her motivations, hopes and fears in the pursuit of connecting for change.

Name: Lorraine King

Industry: Non-Profit Leadership Development

Favourite food: Steak and Chips

Fun fact: I can recite the alphabet backwards!

Why did you want to get involved with The Kids Network?

The Kids Network seemed like a really nice opportunity for me to do something in my local community because London is such a big place. For me, Islington is my home.

I wanted to get involved to be able do something practical to really make a difference. It wasn’t a huge time commitment – everyone’s really busy but in some small way I could make a small difference in a child’s life.

What would you like to see happen during your time as a volunteer mentor?

I’d like to see how my mentee develops and what impact I have made. Personally, I’ve already made some news friends, some of the other mentors. I feel like I can be part of a movement that’s going to expand.

During my first session, there was a lovely moment on a zip wire that my mentee was nervous to go on at the start but by the end of the session in the park she wanted to do it and she loved it! I could see her laughing and when she came back we high fived! That was a really nice moment.

How have you found volunteering with The Kids Network?

With The Kids Network we are really well supported.  You’ve got structure, you’ve got support, I’ve got peers, I feel like I’m part of something bigger. If I need to, I can draw on all that resource.

Is there anything you are nervous about?

I’ve got lots of nerves! Before my first session I had lots! I was nervous about the interaction with the rest of the family. It’s a big responsibility. Here I was walking away from this house with a child!

Any final thoughts?

I’ve had different mentors in my life and I’ve always found it valuable. It’s really nice to give back.

The biggest thing is confidence for my mentee. In some small way hopefully I can open this child’s life up and bring her to a broader life experience than she otherwise may have. I want t be able to give her the confidence to follow her dreams and achieve what she wants to.


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