“I feel like the most special girl in the world”

We’ve gathered some quotes from our mentees to highlight just how valuable having a mentor is to them – we’ve got the warm and fuzzys, have you?!  

“When I first met my mentor, I was nervous and anxious. Now, I think meeting my mentor has been a wonderful experience. I’m really excited for this summer as I get to do new things with my mentor, like going to new places. Some things I am excited about doing are swimming, exploring and going to the park. Some things I am also excited about are getting to be out a bit more.” 

“I like going out with my mentor, going to the park. She gave me friendship bracelets and I am making them now. I am not sure what we are going to do in summer, we haven’t planned it yet, but I would like to go to the go karting place. It’s nice having a mentor in summer because I’m always bored, and if my mum is tired I can go out. I think it’s good that kids have mentors in summer, as they can be active and do loads of things together.” 

“It was good because we always explore new places and my mentor was always fine with it. She always let me explore new food and have food reviews about the food. I made my mentor walk for a long time. “ 

“I felt nervous before meeting my mentor, sometimes I blush. I don’t feel as nervous anymore. I’m enjoying it.” 

“The first time I’ve met my mentor, I was really excited. But after meeting my mentor every week I got happier and happier.” 

 “They’re fun, amazing, and a nice person. Would like to go to the funfair and the movies in the future.” 

 “When I met my mentor I was really happy and I felt like I could have more exciting things and I would have more pressure lifted of my shoulders then before and I felt like I could learn more things.” 

 “I am very happy and exited for many new things to come” 

 “I feel amazing and confident and I feel like the most special girl in the world” 

 “I like the programme very much and I get to do things that I don’t do with my Mum. I also get to experience new things.” 

“It is really fun when I am with my mentor because it’s cool to have someone different to talk to.” 

 “It is very fun and makes me happy.” 

 “My most favourite thing about having a mentor is that i can go to places and explore places. I am mainly excited about summer, we’ll have lots of time to spend a lot of time together. We will go on the Elizabeth line.” 

  “I think it’s cool having a mentor in summer because you can do everything without having to worry about the time, you can go anywhere and it’s so hot.” 

“I think kids should have mentors in summer – then they get to have a lot of fun in the summer holidays. Summer is always fun, but it’s a chance to have even more fun!” 

 “Having a mentor will make summer five times more fun than usual” 

 “Another thing I like about Rhys, is he’s nice, I like nice people. Then they are nice. Rhys is always nice, I’m happy. It makes me so happy that we can spend time together.” 

Mum: “They’ve had a great time together, Rhys has been absolutely amazing, couldn’t wish for a better mentor, he’s done so much for him, taken him around London, given up lots of time.”  

We’d love you to donate to ensure even more children feel this happy and special as a result of having a mentor this Summer. Donate to our matched funding Summer Campaign and change a child’s life here.  

If you’d like to become a local hero and have an incredible impact on a children’s life then get in touch: info@thekidsnetwork.org.uk 


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