Fundraise for Fun Days!

We are always looking for new and imaginative fundraising ideas. If you’re looking to help support The Kids Network but stuck for ideas, here are some of our favourites. They are all easy, cheap, exciting for everybody and can be done practically anywhere and with anyone!

Get active


Why not set up a sponsored jog? We did a 10k run in July and it was rewarding in more ways than one. However, if running doesn’t float your boat, get imaginative! Organise a fun filled day involving sports day games such as egg and spoon races, welly throwing, potato sack races etc. Raise money while you flaunting your competitive skills.

Cake sale


Be a baker or a faker! Don’t be intimidated by the idea of a cake sale, we are not all blessed with the ability to bake. Packets of cakes from pound shops are an easy and quick alternative, set them out on a table with a charity bucket and fake it till you make it! You’ll be surprised how many children, hungry school/uni students and adults tired from working all day will be enticed by a creamy, chocolatey cake.

Pub quiz


If pubs aren’t your thing, move the quiz to the comfort of your own home! All you’ll need is a list of questions, possibly a sound system if you’re the musical question type, and some snacks and beverages for the hungry competitors. Get asking and get raising!


Make the bingo cards yourself to save money, write the numbers on folded pieces of paper and whack them into a bowl. The game that requires absolutely no skill, just pure luck and never fails to excite the crowd of participators. Play with friends and family, again in the comfort of your own home as long as you don’t mind the possibility of one of your lamps breaking as the winner jumps up for joy waving their card in the air!

A raffle


By far the easiest fundraising trick! Its quick, cheap and can be done anywhere! Add it onto the end of one of the other fundraisers like the pub quiz or bingo for more engagement as well as gaining further donations. People are always down for a ticket raffle as they know there’s something in it for them. A bottle of wine, an Amazon voucher or a box of chocolates is sure to tempt them into participating.

Still stuck for ideas or you want some support? Get in touch – we’d love to hear from you!

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